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A local hip-hop artist (Leigh-Muir Booysen) has created a song as part of the Garden Route District Municipality Illegal Dumping Campaign.


Just pause
Just pause


Stop, stop illegal dumping/
Don’t do it, bro, let me tell you one thing/

It’s sad to see how it affects our country/
Sadly, it all starts in our community/

Killing our land, I see people writing eulogies/
Dumping garbage in the sea,
Knowingly killing our fish/

We are the cause of environmental pain/
So if you are feeling guilty,
Just listen to what I’m saying/

I’m trying to explain,
What you gotta do/
Don’t litter, man,
I’m telling you now,
That ain’t cool/

It’s crucial to our faith
We gotta make a change,
Let’s keep our planet safe/
We can’t just sit and watch
as the planet goes to waste/
There are many ways to do it, let me show you the ways/
We gotta pave the way for our next generation/
Avoid using paper,
Make use of digital payslips/

It’s easy, just throw your waste in a bin/
Recycle, and get money,
It’s a win-win, ah/
One hand washes the other hand/
Let’s work together for a cleaner and a greener land/


Just pause/
And throw it in a bin/
It’s easy, just throw it in the bin/