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Mayor pays NSRI Station 23 a visit

NSRI Station 23 in Wilderness received a pre-festive season visit from Ald Leon Van Wyk last week. The station manned entirely by volunteers has been a fixture in Wilderness since 1984. Ald Van Wyk (centre)is photographed with the team of Sea Rescue volunteers at Station 23, Wilderness.

“As we approach our traditional holiday season, we have begun with preparations to benefit and assist the tourism sector and our visitors. The George daily Festive Monitoring Committee meetings kick off on 1 December and NSRI forms a valuable part of the stakeholders who attend. The successful season hosted for 2021 in terms of beach safety and little to no serious incidents taking place can be attributed to the excellent working relationships between municipal departments and civil society organisations. I want to thank our citizens for all their efforts either through employment, as volunteers or as part of civil society who work so hard to make George a better place,” said Ald Van Wyk.

The NSRI need to be commended for constantly training and practicing their skills, conducting maintenance to their life-saving equipment and always being available 24/7. As a volunteer service they are a critical asset to George and we encourage all citizens and visitors to acquaint themselves with the publicity about safe swimming areas and practices when visiting our beaches.

Follow this link for information on visitor safety