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Mayoral Festive Message 2021

The year 2021 has provided further challenges for all of us.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on all our lives, with many citizens being affected through illness along with families and friends losing loved ones. The economy has been harmed with some sectors suffering more than others. Jobs and employment opportunities have been lost leaving many families destitute. The Municipality has within its means, provided assistance to vulnerable residents experiencing hunger, the loss of dignity and increased levels of concern about safety. As at the end of November we are faced with risks about a further wave of the pandemic. We therefore need to continue to take the necessary precautions to remain safe. 

During 2021 various actions have been taken within the Municipality to improve levels of service delivery, improve management capacity and to attend to infrastructure maintenance and improvements in capacity to allow for increases in economic activity.

As we approach our traditional holiday season, we have taken note of the numerous positive signals where sectors of the economy are embarking on efforts to rebuild the economic activity. It is therefore important that we all assist our broader tourism sector in the recovery phase.

We wish to thank all our employees and our citizens for all their sacrifices and patience during this year as we learn more about the “new normal” behavioural patterns. We also welcome all holidaymakers and visitors to George over the summer holiday season and wish them excellent weather, safety (on the roads and while swimming) and good times enjoyed with friends and family.

We should all remember to adhere to the health and safety guidelines during the holiday season. We are all together as we face these challenges. Where possible, we should assist those less fortunate than ourselves. We send good wishes to all residents and visitors.