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Mayor’s Newsletter for George Herald of 16 March 2023

Over the past week, I have been impressed by the important roles that many of our citizens play in their attempts to improve the lives of others.

I was invited to the closing ceremony of an inter-provincial bowls tournament that had been held in George with 200 competitors from across the country. I immediately noticed the buzz of excitement on my arrival which indicated a successful event had come to its conclusion. Elsewhere, motorbike riders and 100 Harley Davidsons were gathering at their venue for the weekend. In recent weeks we have welcomed golfers, old cars, swimmers and shortly there will be school sporting teams spending time in George.

The organisers of these events deserve praise for the planning and holding of these events. Much enterprise and effort goes into ensuring that these events take place as they showcase what George is all about. Each of these events attract “tourism rands” into economic activities across the local economy. Our tourists spend money on accommodation, transport, food, beverages, discretionary goods and services, that then results in employment and resultant benefits for our citizens. Let us hope that our municipal services and friendly hospitality also leaves a good impression on our visitors who will spread the word when they return home. We want to encourage all events and activities that will keep attracting tourists to George.

We thank our NSRI team, lifesavers and safety teams who constantly keep our visitors safe while swimming at our beaches. All accommodation establishments and hosts of tourists should gently remind our visitors to avoid rip currents along our beaches and to only swim within designated safe swimming areas. Follow this link for easily accessible information that can be printed for display

We should also remember our municipal staff who play their role in making George attractive and liveable. A week ago we received adverse warnings for heavy rain. In anticipation, municipal teams went out to clear stormwater drains and areas where flooding could occur. Fortunately, the expected flooding did not materialise.

We often experience blocked sewer drains and lines that result in spillages, also into streams. Other than roots and vegetation that infiltrate these lines, blockages often occur because of citizens dumping towels, cloths, carpets and other objects into sewerage systems. We need our citizens to discourage others who cause this damage and to report incidents.

In many areas, we receive complaints about cable theft and vandalism that occurs during loadshedding under cover of darkness, with streetlights and infrastructure having been vandalised. Thank you to those citizens, including the neighbourhood watch teams who patrol our areas to help prevent crime, and who report these incidents. We thank the many citizens who assist and contribute to soup kitchens and homeless shelters thereby helping others who are less fortunate.