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Media Release: SANRAL and Provincial Traffic collaborate to improve safety and mobility at high-risk intersection – N2 Knysna Road and Urbans Boulevard

Issued by George Municipality on behalf of SANRAL

Western Cape, 16 May 2024 – The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) and Western Cape Government Provincial Traffic are working together to improve safety and mobility during the R700 million upgrade of the N2 between Kraaibosch and Touw River, where a pointsman, supported by Provincial Traffic will be dedicated to direct traffic during peak travel times.

The current road improvement construction contract starts at Kraaibosch at the N2 George Interchange and ends at the Touw River, just past Wilderness. As part of the improvement contract, a 3km section of the N2 between Kraaibosch and the turn-off to Victoria Bay will be reconstructed as all pavement layers needs to be replaced. This section of road will also be widened in places to accommodate four lanes (two in each direction).

The existing intersection (previously a traffic circle), between Urbans Boulevard and Rademachers falls within this section of road. “Given the significant traffic volume, every effort is made to maintain two-way traffic and minimise one-way traffic accommodation sections by means of a Stop/Go traffic control,” said David Le Cordeur, SANRAL Project Manager.

“Furthermore, for the contractor to do the required work on this section of road, while maintaining two-way traffic, certain lanes needed to be closed. This resulted in the temporary removal of the traffic circle and replacing it with the existing intersection to Rademachers and the Urbans Boulevard. Once the road surface improvements have been completed, the traffic circle will be reconstructed.”
Le Cordeur explained that the N2 traffic currently has right of way with a 60 km/h speed limit and the adjoining traffic from Rademachers and the Urbans Boulevard is controlled by means of Stop signs.

“The frustration experienced by road users, particularly the adjoining traffic from Rademachers and Urbans Boulevard is noted and to this end, Provincial Traffic will henceforth be on site during peak travel times, to assist the contractor’s pointsman in directing the traffic at this intersection,” said Le Cordeur.

The contractor will also have flagmen in place to assist the pointsman, who will be in place between 07h00 and 17h30 on weekdays. However, if the traffic situation requires the availability of the pointsman for longer hours, this will be considered.
It is anticipated that the construction period will last for approximately seven months on this section of the road, and road users are encouraged to make provision for additional travel time between George and Wilderness.