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MEDIA STATEMENT: 12pm Status Update – Building Collapse, Victoria Street – George

George Municipality confirms that figures remain unchanged at this point, 12pm 8 May:

36 patients retrieved;

7 are blue (Deceased);

16 are red patients (Critical);

6 are yellow patients (Life-threatening injuries)

7 are green (minor injuries).

A total of 39 of the initial 75 workers on site remain unaccounted for at present.

A specialised asbestos removal company is currently tasked with deconstructing the old parking structure located at the back of the site. This structure is not a part of the new development that was under construction. This is to aid access for rescue operations which continue at the building collapse site on Victoria Street.

The rescue operation is now approaching  46 hours as of 12:00 this afternoon, 8 May.

An update will be issued by 3pm  on Wednesday 8 May 2024,  – South African Time.

On site Triage Description:

Blue:      Deceased

Red:       Critical

Yellow: Life-threatening injuries

Green: Minor injuries

Photograph Credit Herman Pieters, GRDM Communications