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MEDIA STATEMENT: 3 pm Status Update – Building Collapse, Victoria Street – George,  8 May 2024

Dr Carla Hauman and Vilje Maritz, a Garden Route Volunteer

George Municipality confirms that figures remain unchanged at this point, 3:00 pm 8 May.

36 patients retrieved.
7 are blue (Deceased).
16 are red patients (Critical).
6 are yellow patients (Life-threatening injuries).
7 are green (minor injuries).
A total of 39 of the initial 75 workers on site remain unaccounted for at present.

Support to the rescue personnel

The rescue operation is approaching 49 hours as of 14:30 this afternoon, 8 May.

An update will be issued by 6 pm on Wednesday 8 May 2024, – South African Time.

On-site Triage Description:
Blue: Deceased
Red: Critical
Yellow: Life-threatening injuries
Green: Minor injuries

Support for Emergency Personnel at Victoria Street Building Collapse Site

In light of the exhaustive rescue operations and the high physical stress endured by the multi-disciplinary emergency personnel working tirelessly at the Victoria Street Building collapse site, volunteers have stepped in to provide essential support.

Vitamin B complex for rescue workers

Recognising the critical need for sustaining these dedicated workers’ health and energy levels, volunteers are supplying vitamin B complex boosters. These supplements play a vital role in releasing energy through metabolism and supporting overall bodily functions under strenuous conditions.

The George Municipality thanks all volunteers and medical professionals for their invaluable assistance during this critical time.


PhotoS by: Herman Pieters, Garden Route District Municipality