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COMMENT DATE EXTENDED – New Development Charges Policy relating to land development applications

George Municipality has developed a new policy which sets out the development charges a developer will be required to pay and which are calculated based on the anticipated external infrastructure requirements of the proposed development. The policy is intended to ensure that developers contribute their fair share towards the cost of providing municipal engineering services infrastructure.

By charging developers development charges, municipalities can generate revenue to finance the installation and maintenance of infrastructure needed to support growing needs. This ensures that the costs of infrastructure are shared by developers who will benefit from the infrastructure. In turn, developers benefit from the provision of reliable and adequate infrastructure, which enhances the attractiveness of the development to potential buyers or tenants. This results in a win-win situation for both municipalities and developers, and ultimately contributes to the sustainable and resilient growth of the local economy.

The new Development Charges Policy as proposed by George Municipality is an important tool to provide economic infrastructure and to ensure sustainable infrastructure investment in all the required engineering services. It provides the key details of the development charges for engineering services, covering water, roads, stormwater, sewerage, solid waste and electricity.

Public Participation
As previously advertised in the George Herold of 18 May 2023 and 25 May 2023

Please note that the above-mentioned public participation has been extended from 12 June 2023 to on or before 19 June 2023.

Written comments for the intention of the Municipality as outlined above, if any, must be lodged in writing to the Deputy Director: Legal and Compliance, Ms Müller, at the Municipal Court, 71 York Street, George, 6529; or via email with subject line “Comment on Development Charges Policy 2023” to and copied to

Persons who are unable to write or read can submit their inputs verbally at the Municipal Court, 71 York Street, George, 6529, where they will be assisted by a staff member to put their comments in writing. Enquiries can be directed to Ms Isabelle du Plessis (044 -801 9082). Late submissions will not be considered.

Please follow this link to access the new draft policy

Issued on behalf of George Municipal Legal Department, Office