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MEDIA STATEMENT: Special Update on Building Collapse Site

MEDIA STATEMENT: Special Update on Building Collapse Site
Issued by the Garden Route District JOC/George Municipality, 11 May 2024, 18:00

As rescue operations enters the 124th hour at 18:00 on 11 May 2024, rescue efforts intensifies with renewed vigor at the collapsed building site, 75 Victoria Street. This is attributed to the successful rescue of Mr Gabriel Guambe earlier today.

Mr. Guambe is currently hospitalised in a stable condition and has been in communication with his family.

Confirmed Statistics:
– Total individuals on-site during the incident: 81
– Rescued: 42
– Deceased: 13
– Currently hospitalized: 14
– Unaccounted for: 39

The Joint District Operations Centre follows a stringent double verification protocol to ensure the accuracy of reported numbers, working in close collaboration with recovery teams, hospitals, and forensic services.

In our ongoing efforts to assist survivors and their families, we urgently call for professional psychosocial support practitioners proficient in Chewa, Portuguese, and Shona languages. Interested practitioners can contact Kholiswa Jobela at 078 210 5972 or Apolus Swart at 061 504 4205.

A media briefing with two of the rescue personnel who located Mr. Guambe will be held at 18:30. Further updates will be provided by 21:00 on 11 May 2024, South African Time.
Photograph: Herman Pieters, Garden Route Municipality