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Message from Executive Mayor of George, Ald Leon van Wyk: To our Matric Class of 2023

To our Matric Class of 2023

Your scholastic journey has now come to an end. After twelve years you are on the verge of a new journey, but before you get there, you have one last hurdle to overcome – your final exams. But you are ready for this, you have prepared for this for twelve long years.

The thing about hurdles is that they may look difficult at first glance, they may look like this massive obstacle to deter you from reaching your end goal. These hurdles may make you nervous, and anxious even and in many ways, this may well be the case except for one massive determining factor. PREPARATION.

Preparation is what helps us overcome any obstacle or difficulty we face. Preparation is what helps us attain our desired outcome. Your upcoming exams will not look so daunting if we prepare for what lies ahead. This exam period is no different, so be prepared for whatever may come your way. You have been working towards this moment since you started your scholastic career, you have worked hard, spent late nights studying, you have attended extra lessons to get to this phase of your lives. Channel. That. Very. Same. Energy. You have what it takes, you are fully capable, you are more than able to overcome this next task and be successful.

Keep pushing forward, keep working hard and prepare yourselves for this next task that you will surely overcome. Above all else, know that you have what it takes to achieve greatness beyond your wildest dreams. We are all rooting for you and the outcome is sure to be success!

Good luck with the upcoming exams.