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Due to the hard lockdown period from 27 March 2020 – 31 May 2020, the National  Department of Transport made the decision to move all motor vehicle license renewals, expiring in this timeframe to 31 August 2020. This has however resulted in little, to no motor vehicle licenses expiring a year later in 2021 (March, April and May).

The George Motor Vehicle licensing office is expecting a massive influx of license renewals from August 2021 onwards and would like to encourage members of the public to renew their motor vehicle licenses during the months of May, June and July, to avoid the long queues expected later in the year.

If your license disk expires later in the year, you will pay a pro-rata fee (not the annual license fee) and your new license disk will be valid for a year from the payment date.  You can also pay your motor vehicle license online, see details of how to do so below.

Please contact the motor vehicle license office at (044) 801 9310 to inquire as to the pro-rata amount payable for your license disk.

Motor Vehicle Registration and Licencing
Hibernia Street (next to train station) 044 801 9310
Open to the public weekdays 8am-3pm, except Wednesdays when closed at 2pm due to compulsory training, or if otherwise indicated as per Covid-19 measures.

Access control is from the gate at the street, when necessary.

Please consider ONLINE RENEWAL of vehicle licenses as per details below instead of in-person renewals at the vehicle licencing centre as Covid-19 regulations significantly impacts on the amount of people that can be served in a day.

Bulk transactions are being handled separately or after hours when required. Pregnant women, the elderly and disabled can pre-arrange preferential treatment by calling 044 801 9310.

While vehicle licence RENEWALS CAN be done online, the REGISTRATION of vehicles CANNOT be done online as RICA requirements stipulate that the owner of the vehicle must physically appear in front of the official and the documentation must be original – this is, among other things, a measure against fraudulent registration of vehicles.

1. The customer starts by registering a profile online at or download the RTMC mobile application for Android from Google PlayStore.
2. Choose between registering as an individual or business.
The following information will be required:
Individual: initial, name, surname, ID number, driving license number, contact details via mobile phone or email.
Organisation: name of business, ID number of proxy, driving license number of proxy, contact details via mobile phone or email.
3. A one-time pin will be sent to your email or mobile phone number, which you must enter online.
4. Go to the ‘View motor vehicle renewals’ section and verify the information of the vehicle for which you are renewing the licence.
5. Access and/or download your electronic motor vehicle license RENEWAL NOTICE (also known as a MVL2 notice).
6. If your licence disk is valid but near expiry or if it has expired but is still in the 21-day grace period after expiry, the amount for the renewal of your vehicle will be on the notice.
7. If your license has already expired beyond the grace period, it will not indicate an amount on the system and clients must please phone the George Motor Vehicle Licensing office at 044 801 9310 to confirm the amount due.
8. Pay the amount due into the George Municipality, FNB Public Sector Cheque Account, Number 62869623150 (Branch Code 210554). Use the relevant vehicle license number as a reference such as CAW ###### / Private number ##### WP.
9. Email the proof of payment to Please note the forementioned email addresses are no-reply addresses and are set up for proof of payments only and cannot be used for enquiries. Please phone 044 801 9310 for enquiries.
10. Keep a copy of your proof of payment in the relevant car until you receive your license disk but keep your expired disk on your window in the meantime. Traffic law requires officials to still issue you with a ticket for displaying an invalid disk, but you can appeal the fine and submit the proof of payment as part of your request to have the fine cancelled (details for the appeal process is on the back of the fine).
11. Once payment reflects on the municipality’s bank statement, the vehicle license will be processed, and you will be contacted to arrange collection. Please do not collect unless pre-arranged and notified via telephone – you won’t have to queue in the transaction lines when you collect.

If you want the licence posted to you, please give the person who phones you the address to which you require it posted.

Licences that have not been collected within two weeks from the notification phone call, will be posted to the address listed on the NaTIS system – onus is on the vehicle owner to ensure the correct address is logged on the national system. The turnaround time for online license renewals is about two weeks.