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Municipal Woman’s Month Campaign– My Inspirational Woman

The month of August is dedicated to celebrating women all over the world and at the George Municipality we would like to celebrate the phenomenal women who are an inspiration to their colleagues.

This week we celebrate Geraldine Joy Wolmarans, Refuse Removal Assistant, nominated by Debra Sauer, Communications Officer at George Municipality.

“As a woman, I celebrate my individuality, I’m unique, there is only one of me…. there is only one blueprint of me. Whatever I want in life, I go for it and that is what makes me so unique as a woman. The fact that I can also do a man’s job means any woman can do it, so I’m actually a beacon for women out there so they can see whatever they want to do, they CAN do”, Geraldine said.

Geraldine, also known as Joy to her colleagues, removes refuse from homes and businesses. She does a job that has previously been seen exclusively as a man’s job.

Geraldine and 3 other women made history in 2022 when they were the first women appointed at George Municipality as refuse collectors.  “I pick up refuse bags, hook the wheelie bins on the refuse truck and hang them onto the truck, just like the men do,” Geraldine said. She says she is in service of the public, but her job is exciting and fun.

“I’m a fitness fanatic and do my squats while picking up bags. I’ve worked in an office before, but I wouldn’t trade my current job for an office job, I love my job! Squatting assists me in not hurting myself when I pick up a heavy bag.

Geraldine says safety is most important in her job. They take care not to injure themselves and everyone gets a turn to operate the machines at the back of the refuse trucks. She previously worked in the government’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) at the George Municipality.

To commemorate our own inspirational women within the municipality, we invite all officials from all departments to nominate a female colleague who is inspirational to you – tell us what makes this person so special. Please send us a description of what this person means to you (100 -150 words maximum and a recent photograph).

You can send your nomination anonymously or proudly state who you are and why you have chosen your nominee. The ‘My Inspirational Woman’ and her story will then be shared with all officials!

Please email your story to

Deadline for Nominees: Nominate your Inspirational Female Colleague for next week by Wednesday 23 August 2023.

You cannot lead, if you cannot follow- Thuli Madonsela