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Nine new homeowners at Metro Grounds Housing Project delighted to receive homes

Beneficiaries of the new houses and officials are from left, Jennifer Davids (beneficiary), Portfolio Councillor for Human Settlements, Cllr Jean Safers, Brumilda Kirchner, Project Administrator at Human Settlements,  Hester Tamboer (beneficiary in the wheelchair) with her husband next to her, Pieter, and on the far right is Cllr Regina Windwaai.

George Portfolio Councillor for Human Settlements, Cllr Jean Safers, handed nine houses over to beneficiaries at the Metro Grounds Housing Project last week.

Up until now 38 homes have been handed over to beneficiaries besides the 9 homes handed over last week. In total, 436 homes will be occupied at Metro Grounds once the project is finished.

According to Wendy Mentor, Acting Deputy Director: Human Settlements, beneficiaries for the Metro Grounds Housing Project have been taken from the Housing Demand Database. The beneficiaries are selected from those who have been on the waiting list for longest time, 60 years and older, disabled, farm workers, and persons residing in Informal Settlements.

Cllr Safers stated that it is the intention of the government of the day to house people as soon as possible. “We are just as happy with the families that received their homes. The era of leaking roofs and washing in old fashioned wash basins is now a thing of the past.”

He said a lot of these people come from difficult circumstances and their new homes could not have come at a better time. “I think there is no  better feeling than to own an asset and to be able to leave something behind for your loved ones. A home is something to be proud of and I am sure that the new home-owners will look after theirs,” Safers said.

Jennifer Davids, one of the beneficiaries, said she could not be happier. “I lived in a back yard dwelling and struggled with a leaking roof.” She is a single mother with three sons and two grandchildren.

Pieter and Hester Tamboer lived in a temporary structure before they received their home and before that they lived in an informal settlement. Hester, who is wheelchair-bound, said they have  struggled with water logging and sometimes she couldn’t even move in her wheelchair. “We are just happy to have a proper house.” Their son and grandchild also live with them.

James October, another beneficiary, has been on the waiting list for 27 years. He will live in the house with his daughter and his grandchild. “I don’t have words to express my gratitude. I hear people talk about the small homes they are getting but my question remains:  what did you have before? I also want to make it clear we, as residents of the Metro Grounds Housing Project, will not allow thuggery and gangsterism that is rife in other communities.”


A proud James October stands with his title deed in hand after Portfolio Councillor for Human Settlements, Cllr Jean Safers, handed him his documentation for his new home after a waiting for 27 years. With him in front of his house are from left, Brumilda Kirchner, Project Administrator at Human Settlements, October, the beneficiary of the new home, Cllr Safers, Sheen-Wayne Kiewitz from Human Settlements and Cllr Regina Windwaai.