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George Municipality continues to strictly enforce the NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED campaign on its beaches and this includes public spaces such as parks, parking lots, inside vehicles parked in public areas etc.

As of 3 January 2023, a total of 282 litres of alcohol have been confiscated from beaches in the George precinct, since 10 December 2022. It is noted with concern that a high amount of alcohol was still confiscated despite an extensive public awareness process and the Bylaws that are in place. We do, however, thank most residents and visitors who have taken heed of the ban and enjoyed their beach days alcohol-free.

All confiscated alcohol is recorded in a ledger and kept at a municipal storeroom before being handed over to the South African Police Service (SAPS) for destruction. The confiscation notice serves as proof for the offender of the alcoholic beverages that have been removed. The carbon copies of the confiscation notice serve as the municipalities record for administrative and control purposes when the final handover is done to SAPS. No confiscated alcohol will be returned, once it has been confiscated.

The George law enforcement officers continue to be assisted by 30 Beach Monitors who have focused on beach patrols and bag checks. Neighbourhood Watches, Community Police Forums, as well as SAPS, continue to work closely with the Municipality around Community Safety. All our Beach Monitors are clearly identifiable, whether by reflector jackets or reflector bands and carry identification cards. The municipality encourages all beachgoers to assist our officials in ensuring that their day at the beach is a safe and pleasant experience.

The carrying of and consumption of any type of liquor is strictly prohibited on all beach areas under the control of the George Municipality which includes Herold’s Bay, Gwaiing River Mouth Beach and Day Camp, Victoria Bay, Wilderness Main, Lagoon, Steps and Leentjiesklip areas.

Our officials will continuously search and confiscate alcohol for the entire period of the festive season and towards the end of the summer. For any further information or complaints please contact the Law Enforcement office on 044 801 6350 (7.45 am-4.30 pm) or 044 801 6300 (a/h)(standby team for bylaw-related emergencies only).

The public can email with complaints or related matters.

The physical address of the Law Enforcement Office is 25B Cathedral Street.

Please watch confiscated alcohol at the Municipality’s store: