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All you need to know about the George Mapping Portal

The George Municipal mapping portal is your gateway to intelligent maps, focused applications and other geoinformation for the City of George. Answering the “where” question for any project, initiative or important decision is now easy for everyone!

The George Municipal GIS Public viewer contains valuable public information such as Property Information (Registered and Surveyed Properties), Demarcation boundaries (Wards) Integrated Zoning Scheme, Urban Edge, Property Valuation and Elevation (1-meter Contours). This information can be accessed on the Municipal Website by clicking on the mapping icon, alternatively follow this link:

In addition, the Surveyor-General Website and Google maps are available for your convenience. Available applications include George in 3D and ready-to-print maps. The public will also be able to download publicly available data.
For more information, please contact Corlize Bester

Geographic Information System (GIS) VIEWER
This viewer contains publicly available spatial data curated by the IT/GIS Department of George Municipality. This online mapping tool which can be viewed on multiple platforms, is freely available and designed to assist with spatial information queries to the general public of City of George. The viewer offers several functionalities, enabling you to:
• Explore and query spatial layers available in the George Municipality spatial database.
• Perform searches within the farm and erven cadastre database.
• Utilize drawing and measurement tools for features on the map.
• Import and view geographical data to enhance your mapping experience.

Click here: