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Conville and Uniondale Public Swimming Pool Open To Public On 1 December 2023

 The lifeguards are available at the Conville and Uniondale pools from 1 December 2023 until 02 May 2024, as per the following swimming pool operating hours.

  • Monday to Friday: 13:00 – 16:00 (with 2 Lifeguards on Duty)
  • Saturdays and Sundays (Public Holidays): 09:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 16:00 with 2 Lifeguards on Duty and one Lifeguard on standby.

The following safety precautions are to be adhered to:

  • Do not dive into a pool you have never been in before
  • Listen to the lifeguards
  • Do not swim alone
  • Do not let small children swim in the big pool.
  • No diving. No pushing
  • Children under the age of 12 must be escorted by an adult (Please note that the small pool at Conville is closed for repairs)
  • No weapons
  • No alcohol is allowed at the swimming pools
  • Right of admission reserved.

The tariffs for entry into both Conville and Uniondale swimming pools are as follows:

Non-Sporting events:

  • Entrance fee: Adult (Including children 16years and above):  R 15, 00 per person
  • Children (15 years & under):   R 5, 00 per child
  • Swimming tuition:  per person: R 11, 00 (Both adult and children)

Sporting events:

Hire of Conville Swimming Pool:

o             Galas for Adults: R1 500,00 / full day

o             R 800, 00 / half day

o             Deposit R1 500, 00  (Refundable)

o             Floodlights: R 300, 00 / hour

o             Touchpads: R 4 000, 00 / day

o             PLEASE NOTE: Entry fee to the Swimming Pools is VAT INCLUSIVE

For enquiries/bookings: Conville Swimming Pool

Tel: 044 801 9488

Contact persons:

Mr G de Villiers Email: – Sport Development Assistant

Ms LY Botha Email  – Sport Development Officer

Ms S Velembo Email

For enquiries/Bookings: Uniondale Swimming Pool

Tel: 044-8019020 / 044 7521024 (Uniondale Office)