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Did You Know? Smart City App: Integrated Development Plan:

Your participation in the revised Integrated Development Plan (IDP) 2024 and the Draft Budget 2024/25 – 2025/26 is critical to the development of George.

You can now add your comment on the revised 2024 Integrated Development Plan and/or the Draft Budget 2024/25 – 2025/26 using the Smart City App.

➡️Click on the View My Municipality Icon.
➡️Select the IDP Contribution Icon on your Apps Homescreen.
➡️Choose whether you want to
➡️Add a contribution or View Your Past Contributions.

Adding Your Contribution
To Add your contribution,
➡️Tap on Add New Contributions
➡️Complete all relevant details.
➡️Select the Topic You would like to comment on.
➡️Type in your comment and click on Submit.

The option to comment will be opened on the My Smart City APP from the 26 March 2024 and close on the 25 April 2024 @ 16h30. No comments will be able to be submitted before or after these dates.