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Dog Excrement In Town and Other Public Spaces

The George municipality has in recent weeks received a number of complaints that the forest, mountain paths, Garden Route dam area as well as public parks are littered with dog excrement, which is unsightly and smelly. George Municipality has put strict laws in place to ensure that all dog owners and persons in control of dogs are responsible for the removal of the animal’s faeces in any public space at any point in time.

All persons in control of a dog in a public area within the George Municipal District, are required to remove the animal excrement and place it in a plastic or paper bag or wrapper in terms of Regulation 4.11(a) & (b) of the By-law relating to the Regulations of The Keeping of Dogs and Cats and Other Animals.

(a) If any dog defecates in any public street, public place, or public road, any person in control of such dog, excluding a person assisted by a guide dog, shall forthwith remove the excrement, place it in a plastic or paper bag or wrapper and dispose of it in a receptacle provided for the deposit of litter or refuse.
(b) No person shall walk a dog, other than a guide dog, in a public street, public place or public road, without carrying enough plastic or paper bags or wrappers, within which to place the excrement of the dog, in the event of the dog defecating.

Members of the public must note that fines are applicable if contravening above.
We encourage all residents and visitors to clean up after their pets to improve the nature and clean town experience for everyone.