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Notice is hereby given, in terms of the George Municipality’s Air Quality Management Plan and the Bylaw relating to Air Quality Management, that all the below-mentioned industries must provide the George Municipality with their general facility information for Air Quality Purposes.The purpose is to have all the below-mentioned industries on a database which can be included in our inventory.

Industries required to provide their information are as follows:
• Dry Cleaners
• Landfill Areas
• Wood drying
• Spray painters
• Waste Water treatment works
• Medical Waste incineration
• Fuel stations
• Crematoriums
• Charcoal Production
• Clay brick
• Creosote pole treatment
• Boilers – HFO (Oil), LPG (Gas), paraffin and wood
• Asphalt PlantsA questionnaire which is compulsory to complete is available at the Environmental Services Section at 82 Meade Street or via email on request.

Enquiries: Ms Janine Fernold
Manager: Environmental Health Practitioner / Air Quality Officer
82 Meade Street, 044 802 2900