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Events over the Festive Season – Take Note!

George Municipality encourages events to take place in the destination provided they are covered under the legal framework.

It is important that any events planned for the Festive Season 1 December 2023 – 30 January 2024, that require municipal approval as per the details below, must be applied for a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the event taking place; and the final deadline for submission of Event Applications for this season is 15 November 2023.

Please note that any event with more than 200 people attending, must apply for a Population Certificate, which is obtained from the Fire Department.  There is a fee applicable and a number of requirements which must be attended to well in advance.

This includes but is not limited to:

Fire Department Population Certificate application forms and proof of payment
All Events require SAPS Risk Categorization
1000 people or more Department of Health Western Cape medical approval
Engineering Certificates of Compliance (COC’s) for relevant structures involved – for example, tents and stages
Electrical Certificates of Compliance for any electrical boards and generators
Public Liability Insurance
Medical service provider’s registrations
Security service provider’s registrations
Appointment letter for Safety Officer
Permission letter from property owner

Events Safety Management Plan that addresses  the following:

Contact details of role-players, emergency services and authorities
Traffic Plan
Parking Plan
Public address system and backup system
Catering setup / use
Electricity setup / certificate of compliance for any temporary DV boards
Waste Removal Plan
Medical Plan
Evacuation Plan / Emergency Procedures
Security Plan
Site Plan / sketch

Any other documentation the Fire Department deems necessary to complete the application process.

Please note that land use of your venue must be compliant and certain events with higher risk categorisations will require a Joint Operations Command (JOC).
Most events which have food vendors will have inspections by the Garden Route District Municipality Health Inspector.

Please contact Santa Sternsdorf, Station Commander  at George Fire Department on 044 801 6300 or