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FREE 10 Point Holiday Check for your car!

The Vehicle Testing Station is again offering a FREE 10 Point Check for your vehicle on the 3rd, 4th and 5th January 2022 (08h30 -15h30). The George Municipal Vehicle Testing Station offered the free service on the 13th, 14th and 15th December and checked 8 vehicles before they departed on long trips. Bring your vehicle to our VTS on the corner of Hibernia Street on the dates listed above and please note the policy will be first come first served.

The 10 Point inspection includes:
• Identification of vehicle
• Lights
• Equipment and Body structure
• Braking Systems
• Wheels and Tyres
• Suspension and undercarriage
• Steering
• Oil leaks
• Exhaust System
• Transmission

The full inspection will take approximately 10 minutes and you will be free to go with a clear bill of health – or know that something needs to be repaired before you leave for that long drive.
Safety is our first priority – make use of the opportunity to ensure you and your family travel safely this festive season.

Check that vehicle is roadworthy before you start your journey
Carry the necessary equipment and tools to assist you on the road in case of breakdown
Have enough rest before you start your journey and take a rest every 2 hours
Adhere to all road signs and rules of the road
Maintain a safe following distance
Adhere to and stay within the speed limits
Follow instructions that are given by Law enforcement or Traffic Officials
No overloading of passengers because it affects the braking system of the vehicle
Have the necessary contact numbers in case of emergency
Be patient towards other road users