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Future Cities – Addressing the Energy Crisis

Addressing the Energy Crisis in South Africa: Episode 1
Presented by Enpower Trading

It is possible to overcome the energy crisis in South Africa and build a sustainable energy future. Solutions do exist and some are leading the way. In this episode we first look at how George is dealing with the energy crisis whereafter we take a broad look at the transformation of the Electricity Supply Industry in South Africa.

South Africa is in the midst of a landmark power crisis which has resulted in devastating short-term and long-term effects on South Africa’s economy and its people.

With increased loadshedding and the rising and crippling cost of electricity, municipalities play an integral role in helping to resolve the energy crisis by providing alternative, innovative solutions to allow the South African Electricity Supply Industry and the their economies to regain lost ground and hopefully, put the country on a path to accelerated economic growth.

Featured in this episode:
Alderman Leon Van Wyk, Executive Mayor at George Municipality.
Bongani Mandla, Director of Electrotechnical Services at George Municipality.
James Beatty, Chief Executive Officer at Enpower Trading.

Listen or watch to understand and explore:
What prompted George Municipality to look at alternative energy sources as a possible solution?
The strategy to implement these alternatives?
‘Frameworks’ George Municipality has put in place to ensure the grid is open and accessible.
If the municipality sees increased competition as a threat?
How the municipality plans to retain revenue or increase revenue if competition is increasing?
The benefits an open market will have to the customer and how this impact the broader community and drive local economic development.
The technical challenges as well as policy, legal and regulatory reforms required to make wheeling possible.
What success will look like over the next few years in dealing with energy crisis in George?

The role Enpower Trading will play in the transformation of the Electricity Supply Industry:
The value the trader brings in trying to accelerate new generation capacity onto the national and municipal grids.
The concept of Grid-centric vs. Energy Centric and the misconceptions surrounding wheeling.
How we can ensure that municipalities don’t lose money.
How municipalities should go about ‘future-proofing’ their services to allow for local economic development.

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