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George Municipality appoints new service provider for blue and green bag collection

The George Municipality has appointed a new interim service provider for the collection of blue and green bags. HENQUE WASTE is the new service provider that started services on Monday, 28 August 2023. The backlog of green bags will be collected this week, on your collection day as per the Refuse schedule. The service provider did not finish his route yesterday and will continue with collections today (Tuesday) due to the backlog of green bags.

Residents are requested to be patient to allow for a smooth takeover for the new service provider. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this takeover period. The blue and green bag collection service will continue as scheduled and we thank all residents who participate in the blue bag(recycling), and green bag (green waste) project.

For any information regarding black refuse bag removal please phone the Cleansing department on 044 802 2900.

For queries regarding blue or green bags please contact Henque Waste:
Contact Person Name: Douw Bezuidenhout
Contact Number Office: 064 905 8180 (also WhatsApp)
Complaints Number: 072 592 6212
General Contact Email Address:
Complaints Contact Email Address:
Factory Address: 27 Rand St, George Industria, George, 6536
Website Address: