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GEORGE MUNICIPALITY SERVICES DURING COVID-19 updated 14 January 2022 (Current Alert Level 1 Adjusted)

George Municipal Buildings which REMAIN CLOSED  to the public until further notice

Latest update: 14 January 2022 (Current Alert Level 1 Adjusted)

George Municipality main and other external municipal buildings are still closed to the public until further notice, due to continued Covid-19 safety measures. This measure has been considered and the decision not taken lightly following the continued spike in infection rate in George,  and within our municipal staff. We have a responsibility to ensure not only the safety of the officials working for the municipality but also the public.

All essential services continue to be rendered and officials will continue to work from home.

We appeal to the public to consider doing transactions and business online, per telephone or via email to avoid coming to the municipality in person and thus helping to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

During the Covid-19 crisis period, certain staff may be working from home or on rotation, which means contact details and office hours of some services may differ from usual operations. Please see below for more details per directorate.

The following offices are OPEN to the public, with amended working hours where relevant, and unless otherwise announced as per Covid-19 measures.

  1. Finance Cashier Hall Main Building 08h00 – 15h30
  2. SCM Unit for purposes of submitting tenders 07h45 – 16h30
  3. Finance Cashier Hall Uniondale 08h00 – 15h30
  4. Cashier Haarlem 08h00 – 15h30
  5. Motor Vehicle Registration (Hibernia Street) 08h00 – 15h00
  6. Vehicle Testing Station (Hibernia Street) 08h00 – 15h00
  7. Drivers Licensing Offices (Pacaltsdorp) 08h00 – 15h00
  8. Municipal Court 07h45 – 16h30, closed 13h00 -13h45
  9. Landfill Site 07h00 – 18h00 (Monday – Friday) details below
  10. Transfer Station 07h00 – 18h00 (Monday – Friday)details below
  11. Area Offices 07h45 – 16h30
  12. Thusong Centres 07h45 – 16h30
  13. New and Existing Housing Offices 08h00 – 16h00
  14. Public Libraries (as indicated below)
  15. George and Wilderness Tourism Offices 08h30 – 16h30



Switchboard: 044 801 9111
All after-hours George Municipality emergencies: 044 801 6300
Garden Route District Municipality Disaster Management emergencies: 044 805 5071 (all hours)

REPORT FRAUD 0860 044 044 /
General public email for all matters:



Please contact the specific person via telephone or email as listed below to arrange for online meetings if necessary.

Fire emergencies only: 044 801 6311 (all hours)
General fire department enquiries: 044 801 6300
Law Enforcement: 044 801 6350/89
Anti-Land Invasion: 044 801 6310
GO GEORGE Toll-free number: 0800 044 044
GO GEORGE OFFICE: 044 801 9493 (The number is linked to the toll-free number for the GO GEORGE Call Centre 0800 044 044)
All after-hours emergencies: 044 801 6300

Traffic Department Offices, Driving and Learners Licences:
Mission Street, Pacaltsdorp 044 878 2400
Open to the public Monday to Friday 08h00 – 15h00

Vehicle Testing Station
Hibernia Street (next to train station) 044 801 9312
Open to public Monday to Friday 08h00 – 15h00, access control from gate at the street.

Motor Vehicle Registration and Licencing
Please note the email addresses for proof of payment of online payments has changed.
Hibernia Street (next to train station) 044 801 9310

Open to the public weekdays 8h00 – 15h00, except Wednesdays when closed at 14h00 due to compulsory training. Access control is from the gate at the street.

Bulk transactions are being handled at a separate venue. Pregnant women, the elderly and disabled can pre-arrange preferential treatment by calling 044 801 9310.


Please contact the specific person via telephone or email as listed below to arrange for online meetings if necessary.

Please phone 044 801 9354 or 044 801 9277 to obtain relevant email address.

Report water leaks and burst pipes, sewerage blockages, leaks and spillages and urgent road and stormwater issues to:
044 801 9262/6 (07h45 – 16h30)
044 801 6300 (after hours)

Estimated response times are 24-48 hours from recorded time of complaint at the above numbers.


Kindly contact the specific person via telephone or email as listed below to arrange for online meetings if necessary. Phone 044 801 9222 or 044 801 9202 to obtain relevant email addresses, for communication purposes.

Planned maintenance continues and essential repairs for which planned outages are required will be communicated.



Please report power outages, broken streetlights and faulty traffic lights to:
044 801 9222 (07h45 – 16h30)
044 801 9202
044 801 6300 (after hours)

New Whatsapp Number 067 350 3295 (Available Monday to Friday 07h45 – 16h30)
Pre-paid electricity queries to Itron/Ontec: 044 873 5474 (08h00 – 16h00).


Please contact the specific person via telephone or email as listed below to arrange for online meetings if necessary.

Reception/all departments: 044 802 2900/2911 or
Office of the Director: 044 802 2904 and
Parks and Recreation complaints: 044 802 2921 and
Uncollected BLACK bags 044 802 2900/20/27 or /
Uncollected GREEN and BLUE bags: 044 630 0279 / /
Environmental Health: /
Transfer Station:

Landfill Site and Transfer Station, Airport Road, open to public weekdays 07h00 – 18h00 and Saturdays  and Public Holidays from 07h00 – 14h00. Covid-19 protocols in place, bring your own pen to sign in for extra safety.

Please report illegal dump sites to 044 802 2900 or  or or  The municipality appeals to communities to remain safe and to not dump waste, which is illegal and can be hazardous to their health.

Municipal Sport facilities are open for social sport events but public swimming pools remain closed to the general public. Enquiries Gerald De Villiers 044 8019488 /

Community Development offices
Please contact the specific person via telephone or email as listed below to arrange for online meetings if necessary. Contact 044 802 2000 or

Emergency essential social services enquiries 072 693 3488.


Attendance of funerals and cremations
Attendance of a funeral and cremation is limited to 100 persons or less and if the venue is too small to hold the prescribed number of persons observing a distance of at least one and a half metres from each other, then not more than 50 percent of the capacity of the venue may be used, subject to strict adherence to all health protocols and all persons maintaining a distance of one and a half metres from each other.

Night vigils are not allowed.

After-funeral and cremation gatherings, including “aftertears” gatherings, are not allowed.

During a funeral and cremation, a person must wear a face mask and adhere to all health protocols and social distancing measures.

The duration of a funeral or cremation service is restricted to a maximum of two hours.


The Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP)

Contact 044 802 2010 or  to arrange online appointments or phone 072 070 7234 for emergencies only.

EPWP Assistants for EPWP Sectors:
Environmental: Thembakazi Silimeni 044 802 2012
Infrastructure: Owen Fielies 044 802 2012
Social and Community Safety: Jason Jansen 044 802 2012
New Collaborator EPWP Recruitment and unemployment database: Charlton Van Wyk 044 802 2011/36 or email:

Central Supply Data Base registrations telephonically only.

All libraries are open for full library services, including continued assistance with registration for vaccines on the EVDS system. The public is encouraged to please return library books.

George Library: 044 801 9288 – Monday to Thursday  09h00 – 19h00; Friday 10h00 – 17h00, Saturday 09h00 – 12h00
Avontuur Library: 044 752 3351

Monday 12pm-3pm, Tuesday 11am-14:00pm, Wednesday and Thursday 10am-13:00pm.
Blanco Library: 044 870 7047

Monday  – 9am-17.30pm, Tuesday – Thursday 9am-17.00pm, Friday 10:00 – 17:00
Conville Library: 044 801 9320  – Monday  – Thursday 9am-17.30pm, Friday 10:00 – 17:00
Haarlem Library: 044 763 1023  – Monday, Thursday and Friday 14:00pm-17:00pm, Tuesday and Wednesday   10:00 – 12:00/14:00 – 17:00
Noll Library: 044 745 1014 – Monday and Wednesday 12pm-15:00pm, Saturday 9am-12pm
Pacaltsdorp Library: 044 803 9340  – Monday to Thursday  9am-17:30pm, Friday 10:00 – 17:00
Thembalethu Library: 044 803 9260  – Monday to  Thursday  9am-17:30pm, Friday 10:00 – 17:00
Touwsranten Library: 044 803 9285 – Monday to Friday 9am-17:00pm
Uniondale Library: 044 752 1024 – Monday to Friday 10am-4.30pm
Waboomskraal Library: – Monday to Friday 10am-2pm


Don’t forget about the George Municipality library portal link: which allows you to search online according to author, title, subjects, keyword, publisher or ISBN number. Type in your library number on your card to check your library materials status including due date and opportunity to renew your books yourself.

Central Records Main Building: 044 801 9286/9431/9125/9178
Building Plan Records (corner York and Progress Streets) 044 801 9367
Emergency Records Queries Only: Timothy Craak 082 459 4522






Area offices are closed for entry to the public but will be manned and assistance given through Covid screens at the door.
Office hours for Area Offices and Thusong Service Centres as from 07h45 – 16h30

After-hours emergencies to 044 801 6300.

Blanco: 044 803 9275
Conville: 044 803 9261
Pacaltsdorp: 044 803 9286
Protea Park: 044 801 9111 ask for extension 2796 (Tuesday, Thursday)
New Dawn Park: 044 801 9111 ask for extension 2797
Rosedale: 044 803 9295
Rosemoor: 044 801 9379 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Touwsranten/Wilderness/Kleinkrantz: 044 803 9280
Thembalethu: 044 801 9448 or 044 801 9421

Thembalethu  and Waboomskraal Thusong Centres  open to the public
Reception: 07h45 am – 16h30 (Monday – Friday)
Tenants: 07h45 am – 16h30 (Monday – Friday)

Waboomskraal Thusong Centre: 044 886 0040
Thembalethu Thusong Centre: 044 801 9448 or 044 801 9421
After hours emergencies: 044 801 6300

Community halls and venues are open to the public, subject to COVID 19 regulations on capacity (50% per hall) and protocol compliance.
Enquiries to Rozendra Thysse on 044 8019111/5 or

Acting Superintendent Halls: 060 823 3607 (on rotation with Maintenance)
Acting Superintendent Maintenance: 083 418 4588 (on rotation with Halls)

Human Resources offices are closed to the public. Enquiries to


Human Settlements administration offices, main municipal building, are closed to the public.

For basic services such as water and sanitation (chemical toilets) in informal areas queries and complaints in informal settlements please contact 044 802 2003.

For assistance with emergency structures following disaster (fire, flooding etc) please phone 044 802 2029.

Queries and complaints for water leakages and sewerage complaints (indigent cases) can be reported at the office on above times, but preferably by phone on 044 801 9155/9994/9453 or or

After hour complaints:
Angelo Joseph – 072 813 5998
Dorian Louw – 067 189 5902

Existing Housing Offices
Existing Housing offices remain open to the public weekdays 07h45 – 16h00 with strict Covid-19 protocols are in place. Only two people are allowed into the foyer at any given time.
Enquiries: 044 801 9113 or 044 801 9078

New Housing
New Housing Department (St Johns Street) offices remain open to the public weekdays 07h45 – 16h00 with strict Covid-19 protocols in place. Only two people are allowed into the foyer at any given time. Enquiries: 044 802 2003

Please note Town Planning, Building Control and Property Management offices remain closed to the public. Please contact the specific person via telephone or email as listed below to arrange for online meetings if necessary.

Town Planning General enquiries and complaints Lorraine Malangeni / /044 801 9477
Property Transfer Certificates: Marina Welman / 044 801 9171
Zoning Certificates: Lorraine Malangeni / 044 801 9477
Zoning Rectifications: Jeanne Fourie / 044 801 9138 and Ilané Huyser / 044 801 9550
Land Use Planning Queries: Robin Hector / 044 801 9475; Mawethu Bonga / 044 801 9520; Fakazile Vava;
Neighbouring property owner address details: Marisa Arries 044 801 9473

Neighbouring property owner address details: Marisa Arries 044 801 9473

Land use applications
Submit Land use applications:
Town Planning Complaints:

Land use applications can be submitted as per instruction sheets on website. See ‘Covid 19 Level 3 Land Use Applications Submission Guidelines – and ‘Public Participation Instructions Covid 19 Level 3 – on the link…/land…/land-use-submissions/

Enquiries land use applications as below:
Erven and farm portions ending with an even number (i.e. 0, 2, 4, 6, 8): Primrose Nako 044 801 9416
Erven and farm portions ending with an odd number (i.e. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9): Marina Welman 044 801 9171

Online submission of building plans
Building applications can be submitted via the Building Plan Portal as per above link and will not be received at the Building Control offices. See…/building-control/ for more information.

Detailed instructions on how to use the portal can be downloaded as per link above or requested via email: or

Administration related enquiries: 044 801 9370 or 044 801 9166 or via email as per below requirements:

Building Control Complaints:

Request of existing building plans (Registration Dept): or or
Status on building plan approval: or

Signage applications:
Demolition applications:

Request for existing building plans (Registration Department):
Phindiswa Lingani: 044 801 9370
Sinazo Moshani: 044 801 9019
Musa Dyakop: 044 801 9166

Status on building plan approvals: Vasti Laws: 044 801 9370
Andrea Griessel: 044 801 9166

Please contact building inspectors directly during office hours:
James Vollenhoven –  076 823 0412 /
Mkhululi Nyeka – 082 877 0534 /

Eddie Koeberg – 072 665 1053/

Luthando Fatyela – 067 845 9552 /

Illegal activity: 044 801 9166

Economic Development
Business queries: Dr Kosie Haarhoff 083 374 4370 or

Other queries: Sindile Mzwakali 044 801 9173 / 078 349 0147 or or Amy Kearns 073 621 0099 or

SMME Support:
Rosina Munro 044 801 9173 / 079 135 3420 or

Worker Collection Point
Worker Collection Point and informal trader enquiries:
Amy Kearns 044 801 9173 / 073 621 0099

Property Management
Donald Gelderbloem: Manager Property Management 044 801 9073
Leasing of properties: Josephine Mpembe 044 801 9190
Sale of properties: René Hendricks 044 801 9472
General enquiries: Monique Isaks 044 801 9375

IDP Office
Dr Kosie Haarhoff: 044 801 9025/083 374 4370
Ronel le Fleur: 044 801 9075 / 071 870 7887

Ward committee operations
Paulina Saaiman: 044 801 9074 / 060 579 6829

George Tourism
Open to the public
Monday – Friday 08h30 – 16h30 | Closed on weekends and public holidays
044 801 9295 |

Wilderness Tourism
Open to the public
Monday – Friday 08h30 – 16h30 Closed on weekends and public holidays
044 877 0045 |

Uniondale Tourism
Virtual assistance only, Monday to Friday 08h30 – 16h30 | Closed on weekends and public holidays
044 518 0030 |

The Finance Hall in the Main Building is open to the public weekdays from 08h00 – 15h30 and the SCM unit is open for the submitting of tenders only.

While electronic payments are recommended (see details below), the Finance Hall is open for account payments in addition to municipal account queries, opening of accounts, new connections, duplicate accounts, arrangements on arrears, indigent applications etc.

If you want to receive your account via email, please mail a request to

Ratepayers are requested to use one of the below-mentioned methods to make payments.

Accounts can be paid via electronic transfer (EFT – see details below), via pay@ mobile applications (see details below) and at Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, USave and SPAR. Please take your most recent available account statement with you so that the shop can access the bar code that connects your payment to your GRG account number.

Meter readings
Online submissions of water meter readings are welcomed and can be provided via the below email address along with the accountholder’s name, contact details and GRG account number.

Consumers must please note the change in email address to
Account related enquiries:

Bank Details for electronic payment (please note bank details changed 1 December 2020) The old account is being phased out so please amend as soon as possible. For now, it is still active, and payments made so far will have been received.

First National Bank (FNB)
Account Type: Public Sector Cheque Account
Account Name: George Municipality
Account Number: 62869623150
Branch Code: 210554
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Reference: your GRG account number (please enter your account number without the GRG in front and without any spaces in-between)

Proof of payment to be sent to

pay@ mobile applications
Download Masterpass, Snapscan or Zapper application on your mobile phone and complete your profile.

You can also use the following link for payment of your account:

Prepaid electricity purchases

For prepaid enquiries please contact 044 873 5474.
General account related enquiries to or 044 801 9111.
Please provide your GRG account number with all enquiries.
Credit Control enquiries: 044 801 9111


The George Municipal Court is open to the public on weekdays 07h45 – 16h30 (Closed 13h00 – 13h45)
Representations can be emailed to
Enquiries: 044 801 9400


Administration Offices  remain open.
Uniondale – Cashier remains open on weekdays 08h00 – 16h30 (Closed 13h00 – 13h45)
Haarlem – Cashier open 08h00 – 15h30
Fire: 044 752 1225
Switchboard and fault reporting: 044 752 1024
Tourism: 044 518 0030
Haarlem: 044 763 1013
After hours: 044 801 6300