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How to get and use George Municipality Mobile Application (App)

You can log complaints and get municipal news updates on the George Municipality Mobile Application.
Tap on this link, which will take you to the place where you can download the George Municipal Application (App) on your phone or computer (as long as it can connect to the internet):

When the link has opened, tap/click on the ‘Install’ button.
When the app has installed, tap/click on the ‘Open’ button.
When the app has opened, tap/click on the ‘Accept Terms’ button.
A screen will open on which you have to register.

Type in the cellphone number of the phone you are busy working on in the ‘cell number’ space.
When you have entered the cellphone number, tap/click on the space below for ‘password’.
Put in your cellphone number again in the password section.
When you have entered the cellphone number and the password, tap/click on ‘login’ at the bottom.
The App’s homepage will open.

If you want to report a fault on the App, tap/click on the little flag at the bottom of the App Screen. It will open onto a page with pictures of the different services you can report.
Tap/click on the picture of the type of problem you want to report. It will open onto a page on which you must explain what the problem is. Please try to fill in as many of the spaces as you can so that the place where the fault is can be found easily.

In ‘Description’, type a short description of the problem (for example: broken streetlight). When you have filled this in, click/tap on the next line.
In ‘Name’ type in your first name which people use to call you.
In ‘Surname’ type in your surname like appears in your ID document.
In ‘Street number’ type in the number of the house or place closest to the problem you are reporting.
In ‘Street name’ type in the name of the street in which the problem is.
In ‘Suburb’, tap/click on the word ‘select’, a block with the suburb names will open up. Tap/click on the name of the suburb in which the problem is.

If you can or want to, you can add a photograph of the problem by tapping/clicking on the picture of the camera. Choose a photo from your phone gallery or take a picture and tap the tick symbol on the top of the photo after you have taken the photo. (You don’t have to add a photograph, but you can if will better show what or where the problem is).

If your phone has GPS and is activated, you can also tap on the map under ‘GPS Position’ and it will mark your position. (You don’t have to add the coordinates, but this is very helpful if it is difficult to find a street address, like when you are on a farm or in a place with no formal street names or where the street names are difficult to see or are misleading).

If everything you want to fill in is done, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap/click on ‘Submit’. A reference number will be issued and your listing will be under ‘My Faults’ in the section that is marked with the flag.

If you want to see the latest news, tap/click on the picture of the envelope.
If you want to see what you owe the municipality on your account, tap/click on the bottom far right picture of a block with lines in it.
Click/tap ‘Add Account’ and enter your George Municipality (GM) account number. The new account totals are loaded usually around the 25th of each month.

Once you have added your account number, you can tap on your name in the list and a new page will open in which the total will be at the top and the blocks below with the pictures are a breakdown of the different items that make up the total that is listed at the top.

You can share the App with someone else. On your computer it is listed on the left ‘Share’. On your phone it is at the very top left in the red section (the three white lines) and then tap ‘Share’.
You can click ‘SMS App link’ and then put in the cellphone number of the person to which you want to share the link OR you can click the red ‘Share the App’ block and it will give you other message and social media options.