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New General Valuation Role Process Commences

The valuation of an estimated 54 000 properties in the greater George area has commenced as part of the General Valuation process of the George Municipality.

The George Municipality use a service provider, DDP  Valuers (Pty) Ltd who use an array of information-gathering methods including analysing aerial photographs, site visits and neighbourhood drive-throughs.

The process will be completed towards the end of 2022.  The Final General Valuation Role will be published for comment in February/March 2023.   At the same time an opportunity will be given to lodge an objection, if necessary.  The objection process is followed by a valuation appeal process.

Ratepayers must verify their valuations, as it would affect the rates they pay on their own properties as well as the overoll rate calculations for the city.  It is a great opportunity for citizens to engage with the municipality to ensure that their properties are correctly valued.

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