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PUBLIC NOTICE: Compliance checks to be undertaken for Safety Reasons

George Municipality is concerned with the increase in building and residential fires over the past few weeks. Although the reasons are not yet determined there is always a possibility that it could be because of a combination of wear and tear on electrical equipment related to the impact of Loadshedding. Business and building owners have installed generators and batteries etc to keep their businesses functioning, which is understandable, but our concern lies with the safety implications. Business  and building owners are to note that the municipality will implement a combination of Fire, Building Control and Electrical compliance inspections throughout George over the next few weeks. These inspections will all be undertaken as walk-ins and appointments are not required.


George Fire Brigade and Disaster Management:
The George Fire Brigade will be implementing checks on various buildings throughout George over the next few weeks to inspect Fire Safety Equipment which includes hose reels, fire extinguishers, relevant Signage, Emergency Exits and Fire Safety Certificates.

The Fire Department will issue a written warning with a 14 or 21d ay notice to rectify the problem. Should the issue not be rectified a fine will be issued in Terms of Section 57 of the Criminal Procedures Act 1977 (ACT 51 of 1977). Fines range between R500 and R1500 and are issued by the George Fire Department.

Should there be any queries in this regard please contact Johann Crouse 044 801 6300.

Building Control:
Our Building Control offices will be sending inspectors out to implement  the following compliance checks in terms of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, 103 of 1977.

  • A visual inspection will be conducted to determine whether the structural integrity of the building/s has been compromised. Should there be evidence that the structure has been compromised, a Structural Engineer to be appointed to investigate and confirm the extent of the structural damage and to provide guidance as to the remedial action to be taken by the property owner/s.
  • Determine the possibility of any hazardous asbestos materials on site. Should any hazardous asbestos be found, a registered asbestos removal contractor to be appointed to dispose thereof. Confirmation that the asbestos has been disposed of at a registered asbestos waste site to be submitted by the property owner.
  • To determine whether building plans are available for the affected  structures on the property.
  • To determine whether a certificate of occupancy has been issued for the affected structures on the property.
  • The general health and safety of the inhabitants/users are of utmost importance and therefore all buildings must comply with the requirements of the legislation.


Fines which can be imposed could be imposed will be charged as per the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act and the approved municipal tariffs until such time as the proposed fine list has been approved by the Magistrate.

Extract from George Municipal Tariff List 2022

  1. Additional fees- Subject to change as per approved contravention levies

2.1 Building Plan tariff payable where building work has started on a property without prior building plans approval.

2.1.1      5 X Additional standard building plan fees are payable before the building plan application will be approved in all cases without exception (with a minimum charge of R10 000,00), except for the cases as provided for in 2.1.2 hereunder.

2.1.2      In cases of minor building work (as stipulated in the NBR) 5 x additional standard building plan fees are payable before the building plan application will be approved, including swimming pools, carports, shade ports, boundary walls, internal/external alterations, irrespective the square meters.

2.2. Tariff for certificate of occupancy payable where building has been occupied without the prior issuing of a Certificate of Occupation. New buildings only. A total of 50% of the applicable building plan fee with a minimum charge of R5 000,00.

The Manager Building Control can be contacted on 044 801 9176 with any queries in this regard.

Electrotechnical Services:
The Electrotechnical Services department will be carrying out compliance inspections in terms of the Municipal Electrical Supply By-laws and SANS10142-1 and will review premises for the following:

  • Identify possible electric shock or fire hazards.
  • Highlight any overloaded or faulty electrical installations.
  • Find out whether any earthing or bonding is necessary.
  • Check for outdated installations and advise accordingly
  • Any immediate dangers must be inspected and Electrical supply is switched off immediately should a building/premises not be compliant.

The municipality is entitled to issue any tamper fees should they be applicable and further noncompliance will be reported to the Department of Labour  who will exercise the relevant fines applicable.

For any queries regarding Electrical related compliance please contact Eddie Nqumse or Thulani Ntintelo on 044 8019222.