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PUBLIC NOTICE: Emergency Municipal Loadshedding Relief Grant February 2024 Update

The Western Cape Provincial government has authorized a sum total of R88.185 million rand from the Provincial Unforeseen and Unavoidable Reserve Fund to assist municipalities with the unforeseen and immediate impact of prolonged load-shedding on water and wastewater services.

In terms of this allocated Funding, George Municipality has received the sum of R14 220 000 (VAT included) as a contribution toward the purchase and installation of back-up energy supply. This back-up supply can include generators, renewable power sources, batteries and all ancillary costs associated with the installation thereof for example,  switch gear, safe keeping, caging etc. for water and wastewater infrastructure.

This grant funding will assist the George Municipality in ensuring a healthy environment and to continue with the provision of basic services to our citizens and businesses during the current load-shedding.

The municipality is in process of purchasing emergency diesel generators that will be placed strategically as follows:
Water Treatment Works

Haarlem WTW  (+_ 150kVA diesel generator)
Uniondale WTW (+- 200kVA diesel generator)

Waste Water Treatment Works
Uniondale WWTW (+_ 200 kVA diesel generator)
Kleinkrantz WWTW (+_ 300 kVA diesel generator)
Outeniqua WWTW (+_ 1000 kVA diesel generator)

Progress to Date:
Procurement Phase:   Appointment of Consultant ( Complete ) – 100%
Appointment of Contractor: Haarlem WTW ( Complete ) – 100%
Uniondale WTW ( Complete ) – 100%
Uniondale WWTW ( Complete ) – 100%
Kleinkrantz WWTW ( Complete ) – 100%
Outeniqua WWTW ( In Progress ) – 100%

Construction Phase:  
Haarlem WTW ( ± 150 kVA diesel generator ) – 100%
Uniondale WTW ( ± 200 kVA diesel generator ) – 100%
Uniondale WWTW ( ± 200 kVA diesel generator ) – 100%
Kleinkrantz WWTW ( ± 300 kVA diesel generator ) – 100%
Outeniqua WWTW ( ± 1 000 kVA + 650 kVA diesel generator ) – 70%

In terms of the above the total expenditure to date for the project is therefore approximately 97% of the current funding allocation
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