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PUBLIC NOTICE: Festive Season – Apply for Additional Refuse Removal Days for Business

Businesses are kindly requested to only put Refuse Bags out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and only at designated spots, not on the sidewalk.

  • All refuse bags must be put out by 7am on removal day.
  • Please don’t put bags out the day or night before removal.
  • Refuse bags will be collected on all public holidays, on the usual delivery day, including blue/clear and green bags.
  • Please wrap broken glass in newspaper before placing in bags to prevent injuries to workers.


Additional Collection Application

  • Should any business require an additional collection day during the Festive Season, they should please contact or well in advance.
  • The additional days required, as well as the estimated number of bins to be collected must be included in the email request.
  • The Cleansing Department will confirm the application and provide the relevant tariffs applicable for the additional collection.

George Municipality Environmental Services
82 Meade Street, George. Phone 044 802 2900
Black bag-related enquiries: 044 802 2900
Blue and green bag enquiries: Henque Wast
e, 064 905 8180 (also WhatsApp) /