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PUBLIC NOTICE: Invasive beetle threatening our urban forest

The invasive borer beetle is now spreading rapidly. This pest poses a serious threat to our urban forest as infested trees need to be chipped immediately. We request residents to report sightings to their local municipalities.

Important: Do not remove infested trees from your property as it will spread the pest to other areas.

Do not buy and move fire wood from areas with known PSHB infestation

Symptoms of infested trees:

  • Branch dieback – cracks on the branch, discoloured leaves, dry and leafless branches
  • Gumming – blobs of goo coming out of the bark, oozing of liquid and gum from the beetle holes
  • Very small entry and exit holes on the bark of the tree
  • Staining – brown or dark stains on the bark of the tree from the property will spread the pest to other areas.

What to do:

  • Chip the tree, place the infested material in refuse bags, seal it and put these in direct sunlight as the heat will help kill the beetle
  • Dump the chips in your compost heap as the heat build-up in the composting process will kill the beetle
  • Burn infected wood at appropriate incineration facility
  • Burn it at appropriate incineration facility or bag and leave in the sun for minimum of 6 weeks.
  • Seek assistance of properly trained & equipped service provider

Important: Pesticides and fungicides are not effective, the only way to get rid of the beetle is to chip the infected material