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The Directorate of Human Settlements, Planning and Development is tasked with creating, facilitating and promoting an environment for economic growth in George. It is critically important to create and enable opportunities for progress and development for all residents and businesses in our town. As part of the change in the management process, George Municipality is undertaking a principle to ensure the ease of doing business. Key to this is Red Tape Reduction.

George Municipality already utilises several automated processes for the work required. One such automation was the process developed for building plan applications several years ago. This initiative was supported by DEDAT to great success. The implementation, roll out and use of this process made a big impact on the effectiveness of service delivery.

In mid-2021 the decision was taken to automate all processes within the built environment sections to expedite processes. These processes included the processing of Land Use Applications and an off-site portal for clients to submit and track their land use applications.

The public is herewith advised that as of this week (7 November 2022),  all new Land Use Applications must be submitted online and no further email applications will be accepted. The Portal will enable the Public to interact electronically with the George Municipality and perform a selection of services. 

  • Individuals or companies can create a collaborator account whereafter they need to register as a partner on the portal and activate their required ‘services’.  For the submission and processing of land use applications, “Land Use Services” will need to be activated.
  • All new Land Use Applications will be directly uploaded and submitted to the collaborator portal. Applicants will be able to delete, amend or upload additional documents to an existing land use application via the portal. Applicants will also be able to track and monitor the progress and status of their application at any time. The portal notifies the applicant of the status whenever an action has been completed.
  • Applicants may have peace of mind that the documents uploaded are immediately committed to the Municipality’s registry system, meaning there is minimal chance of a document being misfiled or lost.
  • All uploaded applications will have two reference numbers, one for the applicant to track the application on his account and one internal reference number  which the Municipality will use to track the application internally.  Applicants will receive both reference numbers.
  • Should your application comply, you will receive your Section 38 and Invoice simultaneously. At this point your application has not yet been circulated and  pending at finance.
  • Proof of payment needs to be  send to finance , Cheryl Langeveldt – or Werner Joubert, (see instruction in Section 38).
  • Finance will clear the payment and the application will be automatically send to the administrative officer and internal departments for comments.
  • You should now receive either a SMS or email, confirming proof of payment and that the application is now formally being processed. The notification will also state that you may now continue with PPP (if required).
  • Objections will still be sent to the applicant via email from the administrative officer and the reply thereon will also be send back via email to the admin.
  • Applicants will be able to track and view the progress and status of the  application at any time.
  • All other documents/additional documents must be uploaded by the applicant.

Please ensure that you register on the portal (create your profile) and familiarize yourself with the contents of the documents.  See the links below for the guidelines and portal for registration.

Click for link to Online Portal Land Use Applications
Click for How to Register on Online Portal Land Use Applications

Enquiries and complaints with regard to the online portal for Land Use application Submissions, please contact
The programme will be improved constantly and we welcome suggestions from users.