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Public Notice: New access road to Gwaiing landfill site via refuse transfer station

Public Notice: New access road to Gwaiing landfill site via refuse transfer station from Tuesday, 10 August 2021
The current access gate at the refuse transfer station on the premises will be permanently closed from Monday afternoon, 9 August 2021 at 18h00.

All vehicles visiting the landfill site premises off the R102 Airport Road, will use the access gate of the refuse transfer station. Vehicles will drive onto the weighbridge, stop and then proceed via the second gate inside the transfer station towards the Gwaiing landfill site.

All vehicles MUST stop on the weighbridge to be recorded and weighed, before proceeding to the second gate. All household and office refuse must be dumped at the refuse transfer station.

Only green waste, organic waste, woodcuttings, sawdust, builders rubble, construction waste and soil are permitted on the landfill site.

No hazardous waste, light tubing, any vehicle parts, tyres, all asbestos products, e-waste, plastic or cartons are permitted on the landfill site.

No mixed waste: waste must be separated at the source and disposed of at the right waste facility. ( Landfill site or refuse transfer station)

Rules of access to the landfill site and refuse transfer station will be strictly adhered to. We appeal to the public to assist and work together with the security personnel and municipal officials at these facilities to ensure that all occupational health and safety regulations, COVID -19 protocols and all licensing conditions of the refuse transfer station and Gwaiing landfill site can be adhered to.

Landfill Site and Transfer Station, Airport Road, open to public weekdays 7am-6pm and Saturdays 7am to 5pm.
Covid-19 protocols in place, bring your own pen to sign in for extra safety. For queries contact 044 802 2900 or email