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Public Notice: No Fireworks Allowed in George and surrounds


George Municipality reminds the public that due to the high fire risk, the setting off, and possession of fireworks, firecrackers, flares, paper lanterns and other such paraphernalia in the George municipal area is not allowed.

Strict Fireworks Legislation
George has strict firework legislation and according to the Bylaw on Community Safety, Section 58 (13) No person may discharge fireworks outside of a designated Fire Works Area. No Fire Works area has been made available in George and should someone be caught discharging a firework, a flare or lighting a Chinese lantern an immediate fine of R1000 is applicable as well as a potential charge of arson.

Confiscation Notices
Law Enforcement Services together with other Role players will start with the compliance campaign by doing continuous inspections at shops in all areas. Confiscation notices and Fines will be issued to non-compliant shops and confiscated fireworks will handed over to the SAPS Explosives unit for disposal.

Marine Flares
Setting off marine rocket flares for fun is hugely dangerous and irresponsible. NSRI is compelled to log and investigate each and every incident in case it is a real emergency which of course takes up their time and valuable resources and, more seriously, could detract from genuine flare sightings. It is also hugely dangerous for those setting off the flares, which, as they are quite costly, we suspect are also probably out of date. Marine guidance notes explain that all old flares need to be disposed of correctly.

Rocket flares degrade with time and there have been cases where the rocket propellant separates from the parachute and you are left with an uncontrolled flare which then comes back down and hits the person who has fired it off.

George Municipality will firmly enforce the applicable by-laws and Law Enforcement officials will be deployed at various areas and beaches throughout the season to attend to fireworks complaints.

Pets and fireworks
This will hopefully assist in reducing the noise levels and allow people (and their pets) to plan for “noisy” periods thus allowing for a quieter, safer environment for all concerned. For some pets, especially dogs and cats with particularly noise-sensitive ears, the sound of fireworks can cause intense fear responses. Some pets will go to extremes to hide, others get startled and run away, and general anxiety caused by unexpected loud sounds can have long-lasting effects on animals.

Other impacts of fireworks- did you know?
Bees become so disorientated they don’t go back to their hives.
Birds have panic attached at night causing mass deaths.
Fish and other animals perish after ingesting fireworks debris.
Companion animals have anxiety and panic attacks.
Fireworks can also trigger Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in people.

Please report the illegal setting off of fireworks to 044 801 6350 or after hours at 044 801 6300
Please report the illegal trade in fireworks to 044 801 6350 or after hours at 044 801 6300

FIRE EMERGENCIES: 044 801 6311