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Issued by George Municipality on behalf of NSRI, 6 January 2023

Bathers and shoreline anglers around the coast are advised to be cautious during today’s peak of the full moon Spring tide that will cause the higher-than-normal high tide and lower than normal low tide (and that will gradually retreat over the next few days).

06 Jan 2022
Low tide: 09h30
High tide: 15h34

07 Jan 2022
Low tide: 10h02
High tide: 16h06

The peak of the full moon Spring tide is today on the 6th of January – a full moon micro moon. Caution is advised for today, over this weekend and for the first few days of next week. The concern is that coastal bathers and shoreline anglers who are not aware of the full moon (and new moon) Spring tides will be caught off guard. Rip currents can be stronger in places during a Spring tide.

We are appealing to coastal bathers and shoreline anglers to be cautious and bathers should only swim at beaches protected by lifeguards, swim in between the safe swimming areas lifeguards post using their red and yellow flags.

Watch this video on how to identify a rip current, and what to do if you get caught in one.
(Courtesy of NSRI)

Identifying rip currents in Wilderness and Herold’s Bay
NSRI used a harmless green dye to highlight rip currents at Herolds Bay and Wilderness beach on the Garden Route. We believe that Rip currents are the greatest danger that holidaymakers will face when they flock to the beaches during this holiday season and want to draw this danger to the attention of people holidaying at the coast.

George Municipality After Hours and Emergencies: +27 44 801 6300
National Sea Rescue Initiative (NSRI) +27 87 094 9774
Wilderness NSRI Emergency Number +2782 990 5955