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Public Notice: Posters and Banners

George Municipality would like to advise all organisations and individuals who wish to put up posters and/or banners prior to the festive season that it is illegal in terms of our Standard Bylaw regarding Streets (PK 565/1987) to put up posters in the George jurisdiction without prior permission of the Municipality. Organisations and individuals alike should further take note that there is an application process and deposits, and fees are payable. All requirements in the Bylaw need to be met and will be strictly enforced.

Permission for the erection of posters on lamp posts is granted, in accordance with the Regulation regarding Advertisement Signs and the Defacement of the Façade on the Forefront of Streets (PK 565/1958) and the Standard Bylaw regarding Streets (PK 565/1987) to:

Individuals erecting posters for municipal and/or parliamentary elections and meetings; Political parties as well as the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to erect posters during the official IEC voter registration week/weekends; An institution which holds sports events on a provincial, national or international level; An institution that organises festivals which receive financial support from Council.

  1. Only one poster per event may be displayed on a lamp post with the understanding that two posters may be positioned back-to-back. These posters may be positioned two weeks before an event and may only be fixed to the lamp posts by means of using rope or a similar material. No adhesive material may be used for this purpose. A maximum of 100 posters may be displayed in instances where sports events and festivals are taking place.
  2. Posters must be removed on or before the fourth weekday after the event.
  3. Wording of the poster must be factual and may not offend any person, race or belief. The municipality also retains the right to remove any poster without providing explanation, where such poster hinders the visibility of any traffic sign or if management deems it ineligible for a poster to be displayed at a specific location.
  4. Should an individual/organisation neglect to remove all posters that they have displayed, they will forfeit the deposit or a part thereof, depending on the costs involved in the removal of said posters. The Poster or the artwork must be submitted via the Tourism Department for approval within a reasonable timeframe before it is displayed or erected.
  5. The official stamp must be affixed on each of the approved posters once the applicable fees are paid.

Banners can only be applied at five (5) specific municipal sites namely; York Street (from Pacaltsdorp before train bridge and on left side); Langenhoven Road, Knysna Road, Sandkraal Road (from Thembalethu in front of SANTA fence) and Unity Park in York Street.

  1. The banners sites must be pre-booked with a deposit paid.They may only be a maximum size of 3.5 m x 1m, and no political, liquor or cigarette advertisement with offensive wording on banners will be allowed.
  1. Banners may only be up for a period of two weeks and must be removed by the applicant.

The distribution of pamhlets/flyers at traffic intersections and on public roads is not permitted in terms of National Road Traffic Act 92 of 1996, Section 319 as well as the George Municipal By-Law relating to Roads and Streets.

The public, business and organisations are further advised that the George Municipal Logo and Crest are registered as the intellectual property of the George Municipality, and as such can only be used by the George Municipality for official purposes, unless otherwise authorised by Council. No business, organisation and/or individual has the right to use the George Municipal logo in any social or printed media, and or including any marketing items such as caps, tshirts, banners, posters and flyers etc.

Where a business, organisation or individual is collaborating with a municipal department on a project, prior approval must always be requested before using the municipal logo in any format. This will be granted on condition that the project and/or event is endorsed by the municipality officially, and that the product or marketing material which is produced is in good taste, not offensive and adheres to the guidelines as set out by the George Municipal Corporate Identity Manual.

Contact for Posters and Banners Application
Heloine America ● +27 44 801 9295 ●
Download the application form