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Public Notice: Sewer Pump station failure requires reduced useage of water

George Municipality appeals to residents in the Kraaibosch, Groenkloof and Welgelegen areas to please urgently reduce or limit their water usage in the kitchen and bathrooms. An earlier failure on 18 December resulted in one pump being restored to full capacity using parts of the second, however this pump has now failed. Repairs are difficult to undertake right now as spare parts are not yet available with industry still closed.

Tankers have been put into operation for the manual removal and will use the Knysna Road corridor for travelling between the pumpstation with the nearest sewer network connection for disposal located near Pine Lodge. We are however concerned that the tankers will not be able to handle the peak inflow and as such request residents to please reduce flushing of toilets and running of kitchen using water.

For emergencies please phone our EMERGENCY after hours number 044 801 6300