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Public Notice: Streetlight Relay Switching affected by Loadshedding

Public Notice: Streetlight Relay Switching affected by Loadshedding

Re-issued George Mun, 11 July 2022

Challenges due to loadshedding
Members of the public have noted that after Loadshedding some streetlights remain on in George. Our streetlights are switched on and off via a Relay Automated System which is located in our central control room. This equipment has started taking strain with the persistent on and off of Loadshedding and the Electrotechnical Department is putting in additional processes to try and ensure that streetlights are switched off. It must also be noted that during Loadshedding we have experienced repeated theft of cable which affects the signalling at the Control Centre. Around 2000 of our streetlights have also been fitted with LED which use less energy, require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan compared to incandescent and other light types.

We appreciate the public taking the time to phone in to our division should they note that streetlights remain ON between hours 09h00 and 17h00, and remain OFF between hours 19h00 and 06h00.


Repairs on streetlights
Please note that in order to affect repairs on streetlights they need to be switched on so our teams can see which ones are not burning and it can happen sometimes that the automatic switchover function (that switches the lights off in the day) is not reactivated when the work is finished.

One electrical box usually serves a few streets, so while you may not see people working, they may just be where you cannot see them. However, teams would seldom work for more than a day in an area, except when a project is being rolled out or several lights are being installed or fixed. In general, if streetlights are burning during the day for more than a one-day cycle, please report it during office hours to 044 801 9222 or 044 874 3917 so that the department can go investigate.


Please phone in to report streetlights on during the day to 044 801 9222 or 044 801 9202 or on our WhatsApp Number 067 350 3295 (Available Monday to Friday 07h45 – 16h30)