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George Municipality has noted a number of recent events posters where organisers have either used the George Municipal marketing logo or the George Tourism logo without the appropriate approval. The George Municipal Logo and Crest are registered as the intellectual property of the George Municipality in the Trademarks Office and as such can only be used by the George Municipality for official purposes, unless otherwise authorised by Council. No business, organisation and/or individual has the right to use the George Municipal logo or any of the elements contained within the logo,  in any social or printed media, and or including any marketing items such as caps, t-shirts, banners, posters and flyers etc.

This applies to the George Tourism logo as well as any other badges affiliated with the George Municipality i.e. Law Enforcement, Traffic and Fire Services. Where a business, organisation or individual is collaborating with a municipal department on a project, prior approval must always be requested before using the municipal logo in any format. This will be granted on condition that the project and/or event is endorsed by the municipality officially, and that the product or marketing material which is produced is in good taste, not offensive and adheres to the guidelines as set out by the George Municipal Corporate Identity Manual.