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Public Update: Geyser Relay Switches

Our electrotechnical department is in process of restoring a high speed radio link which has failed and caused the geyser ripple switches to malfunction today. All geysers are currently on.

The radio link is the backup to the fibre line that was vandalized a while back. The department has initiated a project to have the fibre replaced with an underground service less prone to vandalism.

Geysers will not be switched off between 6pm -8pm tonight. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The George Municipality switches off geysers according to the Eskom tariff structure peak times. The switch-offs only apply to homes fitted with the relevant device.

September to May (Low demand season)
Monday to Friday: 8am-10am and 6pm-8pm and 9.30pm-10pm
Saturday: 10am-12pm and 6pm-8pm
Sunday: No switch-off

Please note all municipalities have been required to install geyser control systems to help flatten the peaks on the national load curve and have been implemented across the country for about a decade. The geyser control system is intentionally set to switch geysers off during peak times as without it there would be more loadshedding.