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Swart River Dam: Rehabilitation of Access Road has commenced

The access road to the Swart River Dam was severely damaged during the 2021 floods. The dam is, located North-East of the city and was constructed in 1940 and  raised in 1954.

George Municipality has a legislative responsibility to maintain the dam and received grant funding to undertake repairs along this route following the flood damage.

This road is also extensively used by outdoor enthusiasts, but unfortunately construction activities will make this area  dangerous during the construction period, and members of the public are requested to avoid the area until the necessary repairs to this phase have been completed. The expected time of completion will be five months subject to no delays.

The repair to the road will make it safer for all, and the municipality requests the public’s patience in this regard. Please allow the construction works to proceed unimpeded. The Municipality has undertaken to regularly update the community on the  progress with the construction work.

Please note this work does not impact the current access to Garden Route Dam, as the Swart River Dam is located a few kilometres upstream of the Garden Route Dam.

Vehicular access to the Swart River Dam is from Eleventh Avenue, Denneoord, through the emergency airstrip. Note this is ONLY for  municipal vehicles and other authorised users.

This first phase of the project to reinstate the access to the Swart River Dam will allow the Municipality to do maintenance work at the dam as well.  The wash away approximately 1.7km North of the horse-shoe bend will be reinstated together with a 100 metre section of the access track on the city side.

Gabions (wire baskets filled with tightly packed stone) will be used to stabilise the slope and a small bridge will be constructed at the wash-away to ease access and prevent future damage.  The second phase will follow next year where the next section beyond the first wash-away will be stabilised with gabions.  Once the access road has been fully reinstated, the Municipality will be able to address certain minor works at the dam in order to meet statutory dam safety requirements.

Public Safety Notice

The access road to the Swart River Dam area is now a construction site and possession has been handed over to the Contractor. The Contractor’s  Health and Safety Plan takes effect in this area that prohibits ALL PUBLIC ACCESS  (hikers, runners, cyclists, bird watchers, etc) due to safety measures.  Heavy construction vehicles will be using the narrow access roads to the construction site. The municipal vehicular access from the Denneoord landing strip remains a no-go area.

Health and Safety Signage

Signboards will be erected at the main access point to the Swart River Dam site, and all signage, flag persons and Health and Safety officials are to be obeyed at all times.  The Municipality  thanks the public for their support and patience while this important remedial work takes place to the safety benefit of all.

For enquiries in this regard please contact Adrian van Molendorff 044 801 9351 or