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All customers in Wilderness are currently still online. Our Electrotechnical Services Directorate is monitoring the loading closely. George Municipality would like to thank the public for reducing their load and to please continue to do so, as we are still on an emergency supply with limited capacity.

Wilderness and surrounds experienced an unexpected power outage due to a fault on an Eskom power line yesterday.

Eskom could not locate the fault up to now. The George Municipality’s Electro-Tech Department which is responsible for electricity supply in the City has, meanwhile, provided an alternative power supply in the whole Wilderness area, while Eskom is still attending to the situation.

This temporary alternative power supply cannot carry the demand today, therefore, a rotational load shedding was implemented in Wilderness to ensure some continuity of power supply.

The following rotational load shedding was implemented in the Wilderness area:

(Please note that this is an emergency schedule, which means that it may or may not be implemented depending on real-time loading).

OFF 10 AM-11 AM:

Wilderness heights, from heights road up to 10 Myl laan

Issued by George Mun