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Update On Low Pressure & Water Outage – Blanco, 28 November 2023 @ 15h15

The Eskom Potable Water Storage Reservoir has still been unable to increase levels due to continued extended loadshedding and the current demand. The reservoir remains empty with potable water being used faster than it can refill.

The pumps are operating at maximum capacity to meet the demand which cannot be met due to Loadshedding. The municipality is in the process of installing a backup generation unit and variable speed drives to assist during loadshedding. The estimated completion of this installation is within the next 48 hours.

The Municipality is also in the process of upgrading the suction pipework of the Blanco Potable Water Pump Station.

A tanker will be stationed at the Mont Fleur Estate entrance to supply residents with water.

George Municipality urges the residents of Blanco to utilise water sparingly and thanks them for their patience and understanding.