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Update on Power Outage in Parkdene 27 September 2023 @ 11h35

Repair work continues in the Parkdene area. Four faults in total have been found on the MV line that supplies a large portion of Parkdene. The repairs have required trenching on steep sidewalks, and rain and flooding of the trenches has held up the work overnight. Additional resources have been pulled in to speed up the repair.

The estimated time of repair is 16h00 today.

The following streets remain affected by the power outage:
Ballot Str, Apollo Str, Circular Str, Koppel Str, Parish Str, Setlaars Str, Lavender Lane, Neptunus Str, Venus Str, Jupiter Str, Sonop Lane, Hercules Str, Kloof Str, Rotary Str, Fiskaal Str, Makou Str & Hoep-Hoep Str

Should any other streets be affected please report to the Elec Whatsapp line 067 350 3295 or phone in on 044 801 9222/ 044 801 9202/9258

Further updates will be posted by 14h00 today on all of our platforms – please check Facebook top of the page.

Contact our Electro department for further enquiries on the WhatsApp Line 067 350 3295 or on 044 801 9222/ 044 801 9202/9258

George Municipality apologizes for the inconvenience to residents living in this area.