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UPDATE: WATER OUTAGE – Kraaibosch Estate, 28 September 2023 at 16h02

Repairs are nearly completed on the bulk water pipeline. Due to the odd size of the installation, a number of the fittings and couplings were not readily available. After being unable to source from all service providers in George, the required spares were manufactured in Mossel Bay today.

The water should be reopened by 5pm today and it will then take at least an hour for the water network to stabilize and for pressure to build up. The water network should be fully restored by 6pm. The water trucks will remain stationed in the positions below until after 6pm.

Three water tankers are stationed at the following positions:

1. Kraaibosch Estate

2. 1 Groenkloof Avenue

3. Groenkloof Woods Hardepeer Avenue

We thank the residents for their patience in this regard.