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UPDATE 9/05: ESKOM Power Outage

UPDATE 9/05 @ 09h00 – ESKOM Power Outage

George Municipality thanks the residents of the broader Wilderness for continuing to limit their power use. Our Electrotechnical department is trying to pick up the load for all of the areas listed in Group 1 and 2 (as per notice issued last night) to avoid rotational loadshedding. This will however cause a drop in voltage and residents are urged to refrain from using heating, electrical stoves etc. Please continue to treat all appliances as live as the possibility of load shedding still exists and we will implement without notice.

Due to the nature of the network, those areas furthest away from George are not able to be energized by George Municipality in the interim and these are Kleinkrantz, Langvlei Dunes and Touwsranten (Direct supply from ESKOM).

We have been advised that ESKOM is on their way to site and will provide updates on the repairs as we receive information. We apologize for the situation which is regrettably out of our control, and wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day!


URGENT NOTICE: George Municipal Response: ESKOM Power Outage affecting whole Wilderness area including Hoekwil, Touwsranten, Kleinkrantz, Wilderness Heights
Issued 8 May, 23h30

ESKOM this evening advised the George Municipality that repairs to their faulty line to the Wilderness Substation will only commence tomorrow, Sunday 9 May with no current completion  time available. The faulty line is located in a difficult site. George Municipality has been able to pick up the load and return power to the Central Business District which will remain on tomorrow and not be affected by the rotational loadshedding.

George Municipality has in response to this crisis, worked out a plan of supply by rotational load shedding in an attempt to provide power to as many households as possible for at least three (3) hours at a time, starting from 7am Sunday morning,  while the ESKOM repairs take place. This plan was put together very quickly and as much as we would like this plan to be failsafe, it may not be. The municipality therefore urges all clients to regard the times provided on the schedule  as guidelines only, with a grace period of approximately 15 minutes, for when the power will be switched on or off.

Link to Rotational Loadshedding Schedule and Maps for Group 1 and 2

Due to the current abnormal condition in which the system is configured, it is not stable and may be prone to overload conditions. We therefore urge all clients to please limit their use to only the most essential items in an effort to consume as little power as possible.

The attached area maps are also provided as a guideline to grouping of the areas:

Group 1: Wilderness Heights / Wilderness East (both side of N2 from Serpentine Road to Grants Road)

Link to Wilderness Heights Map Group 1
Link to Wilderness East Map Group 1

Group 2: Wilderness North East (Dumbleton Street to start of 5th Avenue) /Hoekwil *
Link to Wilderness North East Map Group 2 
Link to Hoekwil Map Group 2 

*Please note with regard to Hoekwil, the municipality is not  sure that we can energise the whole area until we can check the real time loading tomorrow. Certain streets may therefore not receive power at all. Updates will be provided as soon as possible.

Due to the nature of the network, those areas furthest away from George may not receive electricity at all, and these are Kleinkrantz, Langvlei Dunes and a portion of Hoekwil.
Should Eskom be delayed in their efforts to repair the faulty line, George Municipality will revise the attached schedule accordingly.