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Urgent Public Notice: Some Beachgoers causing dangerous traffic situations at beach areas

George Municipality is once again urgently appealing to motorists at the beach areas to please adhere to all traffic laws and avoid putting themselves and other road users in danger.

Motorists are currently causing dangerous traffic situations at especially Herold’s Bay beach area and are plainly ignoring the warnings of traffic officers. This is dangerous to motorists and other road users and their families. VEHICLES WILL BE TOWED away if they are causing a traffic hazard.

George Traffic appeals to motorists to please park considerately and not to cause any traffic obstructions. If any vehicle is found to be contravening traffic law and causing a disruption to traffic flow, either through parking, blocking entrances or any other violation, they will be prosecuted.

The Municipality has done everything in its power to address the shortage of parking at Herold’s Bay by adding three drop and go parking bays right next to the caravan food stalls for the Festive Season. A Traffic Controller is assisting motorists at the drop and go area.

Traffic controllers are also assisting with general parking at Herold’s Bay. Motorists are also allowed to park on the verges of the R404 Road entering the beach area provided they are completely off the road and not causing any obstruction.