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WATER OUTAGE – Update on Skuinsbank Street Water Challenge, Herold’s Bay

Issued George Municipality, 26 September @ 16h45

George Municipal teams have exhausted all possible options in providing sufficient pressure to Skuinsbank Street. The cause appears to be a pipe that has collapsed or an undetected valve collapse.

Upgrade 1: The George Municipal team is in the process of connecting high pressure lines from Vaalkom to Skuinsbank Street.

Upgrade 2: The contractor is installing a new water supply line from the upper area of Rooidraai to Skuinsbank Street.

Both the George Municipal and Contracting teams will work through the night to provide Skuinsbank Street with sufficient pressure. Please note the water may be shut off intermittently during the repairs.

Herold’s Bay residents outside of Skuinsbank Street who may experience no water or low pressure are urged to contact the following numbers 044 801 9260/ 62/ 66 during work hours and 044 8016300 After hours to report.

George Municipality apologizes for the inconvenience caused to residents.