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NOVEMBER 2020: Joint project on Illegal Dumping Awareness with George Municipality and Garden Route District Municipality

What is illegal dumping?
Illegal dumping is anything you throw away in a place where it does not belong.

Link to video on illegal dumping  GRDM

· If you know who is dumping illegally, report them to 044 801 6350 or or 044 801 6300 (a/h).
· Information that will help the case for a warning or fine: car description and/or registration number, address of alleged perpetrator, type of waste and address of where it was dumped. A cellphone photo of dumping in action will help, but is not essential.
· Report dumped waste for collection to 044 802 2900 or 044 801 6300 (a/h).


If you throw your junk just anywhere, it will eventually become your problem some way or another. It can make you sick or kill you.