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Pointsmen to help alleviate festive season traffic congestion







George Municipal Protection Services directorate has today confirmed receipt of funding from the Western Cape Provincial Department of Community Safety to employ 30 Pointsmen /women for the period 1 November to 31 January 2022. The 30 appointees will start with on-the-job training on the 1 November, and be easily identifiable with their reflective vests, white gloves and caps. A month of intensive training will prepare the “pointsmen” for their duties during the festive season which is always accompanied by additional traffic congestion.

George Traffic Department will identify the most congested intersections on a daily basis, and the flexibility of having an additional 30 officials will allow the traffic department to move the pointsmen to where they are most needed. Pointsmen are there to assist with traffic flow and we ask that their friendly smiles and waves are responded to and that all motorists on the road during the busy festive season, be considerate and spare a thought for the people out there making your life just that little bit easier and safer.