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Repairwork at Genevafontein almost completed

Heavy rainfall throughout the day has created several delays and made the repairwork on the watermain pipe at Genevafontein very challenging. However,the private contractor has completed the dropping in of the replacement pipe, the couplings have been installed successfully and a bobcat is on site to  ensure that a  minimum layer of soil is placed, to support and cover the pipes before water flow can be entirely restored.

Once this has been completed, the valves will be reopened slowly and it is expected that it will take an additional few hours for water to have filled up the network sufficiently to restore full water pressure throughout the system. Please note the system will have to be flushed out to remove any dirt and initial water that comes out of the taps may be discoloured. This will diminish fairly quickly.

 Most areas do however currently have water albeit at low pressure following the recommissioning of several old water lines over the past few days.

 All of the water trucks have been withdrawn from sites, barring those listed below:

1 x Water Truck Zone 3 (Imizamo Yethu Secondary School)
1 x Water Truck Zone 9 (Community Hall)
1 x Water Truck Zone 6, Ramaphosa (Lingelehtu Street)
1 x Water Truck Zone 5, Pelindaba
1 x Water Truck at Azazani

The water supply for Thembalethu will continue to be monitored and when no longer required the water trucks will be withdrawn here as well. Please note water remains available for collection at the Fire Department, Mitchell Street and the Fire Station, Thembalethu, Fourways.

Heriot Road between Stander and Spreeu Streets remains closed to traffic and pedestrians. Traffic officials will remain on site after hours and during the night.  Residents of the houses in the repair zone must proceed with extreme caution and only if alternative access is not possible.

A final update will be provided by tomorrow morning. Should any resident experience no water again during the evening, please report to(A/h)  044 8016300 with address details.

Photo courtesy of Portfolio Councillor for Civil Engineering Services, Jacqulique Von Brandis